Local Consultants

Rory Mullin, MSc, ATC, CAT(c)
Athletic Therapist

Rory is a certified Athletic Therapist, currently working with the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club. Rory holds an undergraduate degree from York University, and earned his Master of Science in Athletic Training from Indiana State University. Rory is also a Holistic and Lifestyle coach (CHEK HLC Level 3) and has completed his Diploma in Accupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Rory has worked internationally with a wide variety of professional sports.

Rowan Barrett


Rowan attended West Hill Collegiate Institute and Langstaff Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. Upon graduation in 1992, he had three high school championships to his outstanding record of athletic achievements After graduation, he attended St. John’s University, in New York with a full athletic scholarship to play basketball. Where he added Red Storm Captain and New York’s Post Scholar Athlete of the Year Award to his growing list of accomplishments. In 1996, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He then pursued a career in both the financial and legal fields. His leadership and success on the court also translated in the business world.

His love of basketball however was never too far out of his purview. He decided to delay going to law school and pursue his dream of playing professional basketball. With patience, hardwork,dedication, and discipline (P.H.D.’S) he turned his childhood dream into a 10 year professional basketball career, which included two NBA stops, with the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers and a host of international experiences in France, Spain, Greece and Italy.From 1991 to 2003, he was a member of the Canadian National Basketball team, where he represented Canada on six continents (North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa),most memorably as the captain of the 2000 Canadian Olympic Men's Basketball team in Sydney, Australia.

He is a devoted husband and father. He continues to give back to his community through youth camps and motivational speaking in partnership with the Toronto District School Board in Toronto, Ontario.

Global Consultants

Pcq (Montreal Quebec) www.pcqyvesethier.com

Yves Either, BSc, CHEK Level IV
Manual Therapist
Performance Coach

Yves practices manual therapy, corrective exercise, posturology, functional nutrition and sport performance training. Yves has attained detailed corrective exercise and lifestyle coaching from Paul Chek in completing his level four practionor program and also is an instructor. Yves has studied in great depth the practice of posturology and osteopathy from France. Yves has treated, trained, and provided nutritional consultation for many of Canada’s Olympic medal winners. Yves has a unique ability to problem solve and improve athletic performance.

Pcnyc (New York, New York)

Andrew Amego, BA, RMT, HLC-II, NSCA-PES
Performance Coach
Manuel Therapist
Massage Therapist

Andrew hails from Brooklyn, New York. Andrew has a diverse educational background. He hold a Master of Science, is a corrective exercise specialists, performance enhancement specialist and a massage therapist. Andrew is currently studying manual osteopathy under Guy Voyer. Andrew has detailed knowledge of beasketball and has coached, trained and treated many players from the local youth level up to European and NBA professionals. Andrew has great passion for the game and continues to excel at contributing to uniting health and performance.

Michael Jocson, MS, Chek Level IV,

Michael has been a practicing physical therapist since 1996 and is a board-certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy. Disappointed with the current state of health care, he has changed the focus of his private practice in Howard Beach, New York, to a more holistic and wellness approach. He has currently completed the elite internships of the CHEK Institute in San Diego, California and is proud to be the first American physical therapist to achieve Level IV CHEK Practitioner status. He is in the midst of working on his thesis to become CHEK Certified. He has also completed training with Dr. Freddie Ulan in Nutrition Response Testing and is currently enrolled in the Healing the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society under the instruction of Alberto Villoldo, PhD. Michael specializes in addressing extremely complex cases where traditional conventional and alternative approaches have failed an individual.

Michael has appeared in Men’s Fitness Magazine and has worked with members of the US National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. He is also a proud sponser of the Ultimate Fighter, Luke "The Silent Assassin" Cummo of The Ultimate Fighter II reality TV show on Spike TV.

Pcla (Los Angeles, CA)

Brent Meier, CHEK Level 1, Golf Biomechanic, HLC-III
Performance Coach
Manual Therapist

Brent originally traveled from New Zealand. He competed internationally in both Rugby and Speed Skating. Brent has traveled and worked extensively throughout the world. He currently resides and coaches out of Los Angeles at Velocity. Brent provides corrective exercise, sport performance training, manual therapy, and functional nutrition consulting. Brent has worked with a wide variety of elite level athletes and recently prepared several top professional boxers for major contending bouts. Brent has great passion to learn, problem solve and enhance life performance.

Pcmia (Miami, Florida)

Ximena Gonzalez, CHEK Level II, HLC-III
Performance Coach
Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor II

Ximena Gonzalez is a passionate, fit, fun, beautiful Colombian native who calls herself a "Modern Cavewoman". Her studies and professional experience in the areas of Holistic Nutrition, Lifestyle Management, Human Movement and Mass Communications have given her the necessary tools to coach people to better health in an energetic, entertaining, multidisciplinary way. Ximena is a Corrective, Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Practitioner II, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach III, a Golf Biomechanic, a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor II and a PPS Personal, Professional and Spiritual Mastery Practitioner. She’s certified by the American Council on Exercise ACE and the National Strength and Conditioning Association NSCA.

Her work in front of the camera began in 2002, as the fitness coach on the Hit Reality TV Show "Protagonistas de Novela", RCN, Colombia, followed by "Protagonistas de La Música", Telemundo, International.

By the end of 2005, Ximena was invited to become part of Telemundo’s new morning show "Cada Día" where she currently hosts two daily segments devoted to educating the community about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management.

Ximena is the author of "Lose Weight with Nature in 12 Easy to follow Steps with Ximena, The Modern Cavewoman". Her written articles have been published in the Hispanic Media, both in South America and the US. She translated the book "How to Eat, Move and be Healthy" by Paul Chek, to Spanish. Ximena and her colleague Ruben Serrano own 180° holistic studio, in Miami, Florida where they coach private clients and teach group lectures on how to achieve a 180º transformation.

Ximena is convinced that we must honor the fact that we come from the wild and biologically we are still caveman/women! This is by no means an invitation to go back to CAVE living, but rather an invitation to create a partnership between our primal and modern realities and make them work for us, not against us. We can take the jungle out of the body. But we can’t take the body out of the jungle.

Ruben Serrano, CHEK Level III, HLC-III
Manual Therapist
Performance Coach
Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor II

Through his studies and internships with tio rehabilitaion and strength experts, Ruben has integrated various healing modalities into his practice with outstanding success. His in depth physical assessments and individualized programs deliver results for even the most "challenging" cases.

Ruben is an expert in the fields of Human Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Orthopedic Evaluationa, Neuromuscular and Clinical Massage. He is also an expert at designing corrective excercise programs that produce results in both the rehabilitative and sports performance settings.

He also specializes in designing Health programs for a variety of needs, including difficult cases, and is a published author and speaker.

Pctx (Dallas, Texas)

Scott Herarra CHEK-Level IV, HLC III

Scott resides and practices in Dallas, Texas. Scott competed in boxing, football, and hockey. He intially worked as a personal trainer in the fitness industry as a way to give back, guide and coach others to excellance in life. Scott was enthusiastic and driven by passion to provide more to his clientele in assisting their growth and development. Scott worked his way through the intensive study of the Chek Institute to complete CHEK Level IV and Holistic Lifestyle Coach III. Attaining these credentials has enabled Scott to excel at his care for others and provide the opportunity to assist his clients to reach for higher health. Scott also has studied manual therapy techniques in osteopathy and functional medicine principles to assist in problem solving. Scott works with a wide variety of high performance athletes and executives at the unique setting of the Performance Playground.

Pcuk (London, England)

Leigh Brandon, CHEK-Level IV, HLC III
Practitioner Level IV
Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III
Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach
CHEK Golf Biomechanic
Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Leigh has specialised in injury rehabilitation, health enhancement and sports conditioning since 1996. Leigh is an assistant instructor for the C.H.E.K Institute and was formerly a presenter at the Holmes Place Training Academy in London where he helped develop over 1,000 personal trainers. He was also a presenter and examiner on the American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor Certification.

He has helped many people overcome back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, achieve their ideal weight and has helped athletes both amateur and professional improve performance, win medals and eliminate recurring injuries. Leigh's clients include British and European champions and record holders and Olympic athletes.

Leigh's approach has enabled him to help clients with the most difficult conditions to achieve success where other modalities have previously failed.

His experience has shown that the conventional approach to health, disease, exercise and nutrition does not sufficiently satisfy the needs athletes today. Leigh is passionate to help people achieve their goals using a holistic approach over the long term and wishes to educate the athletes about ‘the truth’ to achieving optimal health and performance.

Pcuk and (London, England) Pcesp (Barcelona, Madrid)

Rob Brinden , CHEK-Level III,

Rob has been working in elite sport for 15 years, working with a variety of different sports from football to ballet. He recently decided to leave Chelsea FC, where he had been Rehabilitation and Strength and Conditioning Coach for the past 6 years, to set up hos own agency.

"In setting up my business I wanted to get out there in the sports world and not only help athletes who want to improve their performance, but also help those who are in pain or keep breaking down. The number of times I have worked with athletes who could have done something about their 'bad luck' injuries it drives me nuts, and I feel passionate about helping them."

Rob has trained with the best, Paul Chek in San Diego, Dr. Bernard Bricot in Paris, Dr. Guy Voyer in Marseille, and Gary Grey in Michigan on the prestigious GIFT masters course, studying Functional Biomechanical Anatomy and Training. He is also fully qualified in Posturology, which analyses and corrects the bodies software for monitoring its posture. If this beomes faulty which it often does, it can cause all sorts of injuries.

Rob is based in Barcelona and travels worldwide to consult with clubs and train clients. He speaks English, French and is currently learning Spanish.

Pcnz (Aukland, New Zealand)

Greg Muller CHEK-Level IV, HLC III

Greg (Herb) Muller has over 15 years of experience and training in the fitness industry. Beginning his career in the NZ Army as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) he has worked with New Zealand elite soldiers, the New Zealand Special Air Service and held the position of Senior Instructor of the Joint Services Physical Education and Recreational School in the military. Upon leaving the military he began working full time as a rugby conditioning coach winning championships with both Auckland and the BLUES rugby teams. He then gained further experience living and working with rugby teams in Japan for two years. Having worked with teams and players from club rugby to some of the worlds elite he has a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of the game of rugby and working in high performing teams and environments.

Greg has extensive training in the strength, conditioning and human performance field having trained at both the CHEK Institute and Poliquin Performance Centre USA and directly under many others of the world’s elite human performance and strength and conditioning specialists. He is qualified in sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports rehabilitation, sports medicine, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, sports massage and a multitude of other allied and holistic health certifications.

Greg is currently employed as the Conditioning Coach for North Harbour Rugby and runs a small clinic where he does private consultations

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